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The Adventures of

Little Bird




Little Bird's  Latest Adventures

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About Little Bird

Little Bird is a wren, but she is no ordinary wren! If there is a journey to be made she will be warming up her wings ready to travel; if there is someone to help she will be there doing her best to solve problems; if there are friends to be made she will be her normal, lovely self so the charming characters she meets cannot resist getting to know her - well most of them can’t!


Little Bird, sometimes with her family (Father Bird, Mother Bird and her sister and her brother) and sometimes on her own, faces the same problems that other birds face: it can often be hard finding food and shelter; the weather can be a friend but also an enemy; some animals, birds and plants can be dangerous; certain places that look safe can have hidden dangers.


Join Little Bird on her adventures and share her encounters with the people, animals, birds and places around her. There is much to learn and lots to see, and her stories will give you lots of ideas about how to enjoy the nature that is near where you live and how you can help all kinds of creatures, including birds, during the year. You never know…you might even see Little Bird in your own garden one day!!!